Stock and options trading for busy professionals, made simple.™

Click. Invest. Grow.

Stock and options trading for busy professionals, made simple.™

When Rockwell Trading designed the PowerX Optimizer, they had the busy professional in mind.

Simplified Decision-Making

PowerX Optimizer delivers clear trading signals with entry and exit points, minimizing the need for market expertise.

Time Efficiency

Automated market analysis allows busy professionals to make informed trades quickly without extensive research.

Streamlined Onboarding

PowerX Optimizer provides an intuitive step-by-step guide for new traders, making the initiation into the world of trading straightforward and stress-free.

Breakthrough software for busy professionals who want to trade but don't know where to start.


Customize the software to match your trading style and preferences.


Utilize features with ease, without a massive learning curve.


Place orders in two clicks from within the software itself.


Use on any device without installation hassles.


Dividends Calendar

Identify and optimize income opportunities from dividend-paying stocks.


Trade Filtering and Selection

Filters trades based on pre-defined and customizable criteria.


Trading Hub with AI Assistant

Get guided insights, checklists and plans to make smarter trading decisions.


Performance Reporting

Offers insights into profitability of each potential trade.


Broker integration (Tradier)

Seamlessly execute trades right from the software without needing to switch platforms.


One-Click Stock Analysis

Analyzes a stock in one click, saving time and simplifying.


Customizable Parameters

Personalize trading strategy parameters to align with goals and style.

Now trading is as simple as 1-2-3.


Searches through major exchanges for high probability stocks and options.


Tells users exactly what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell


Allows users to place orders with a two-click order button.

Real-Time Market Data

Incorporates real-time market data to ensure analysis is based on the most current information available.

Options Analysis

Includes an options scanner that helps to identify profitable options trades based on the Wheel Strategy.

Diversification Analysis

Helps users in maintaining a balanced portfolio by suggesting diversification strategies based on the user's existing positions and potential new trades.

Market Scans

Performs market scans to identify stocks that meet specific technical criteria, saving traders from manually searching through hundreds or thousands of stocks.

Earnings Dashboard

Easily track and capitalize on earnings events and surprises.

Heatmap Dashboard

Quickly visualize and analyze market performance across sectors and stocks.

Portfolio Tracking

Enables users to keep track of their trading portfolio directly within the software, including monitoring open positions and overall performance.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and makes complex data more accessible.

Asset Correlation Tool

Compares correlations between assets to manage risk and build a diversified portfolio.

Regular Software Updates

The software is regularly updated to improve functionality, add new features, and address any bugs or issues.

Mobile Accessibility

Offers mobile accessibility or apps to allow traders to analyze and monitor trades on the go.

Comprehensive Trading Log

Easily journal and track all your trades, analyze your performance, and continuously improve your trading outcomes.

Security Features

Employs strong security protocols to protect user information and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of trading data.

Economic and Holiday Calendars

Plan your trades around key events and market closures.

Praise for

PowerX Optimizer.


Butch B.

Finds the right stocks for beginners

"The PowerX Optimizer is the perfect tool for me as a beginner, because it helps me to find the right stocks without guessing."


Butch B.

Finds the right stocks for beginners

"The PowerX Optimizer is the perfect tool for me as a beginner, because it helps me to find the right stocks without guessing."

Access PowerX Optimizer now to go

from novice to savvy investor.

Instant Access

No waiting and no software installation.


Access recorded and live training sessions.


Rub elbows with other PowerX Optimizer users.


Stellar customer support has

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